8 Seasons Of Game Of Thrones From Worst To Best

Seasons Of Game Of Thrones From Worst To Best

Movies have been one of the best sources of entertainment for a long time now. To be accurate, movies have been entertaining people for over 60-70 years now. And we all know that the entertainment these moves have managed to give us can’t be matched by anything else.

So it will not be wrong to say that movies have ruled the industry for a long time. And they could not be dethroned until… until the television series came. TV series, since their release, have maintained their supremacy in the entertainment industry. At present, there are various TV series which have left a mark in the industry with their story and Beaufort acting by the cast.

One of such series is the Game Of Thrones. The Game of Thrones series has been so successful that people have been watching it again and again even when it has officially concluded. This series has a total of 8 seasons of Game of Thrones and it was the first time that all the seasons of a single TV series were loved equally!

But as we all know, not all seasons can be equally good. There will always be some flaws which differentiate one session from the other. So if you are planning to watch the GoT series, then here is the list of all the seasons ranked from worst to best for your convenience! Don’t be upset that GOT is over. You can watch a lot of other web series like Game of thrones. Adios!


Seasons Of Game Of Thrones From Worst To Best


We can never judge any season of GOT, but it has been considered as the lowest liked sessions of all and there’s nothing to change.

The GOT season 5 was a completely bloodthirsty season where we witnessed a lot of deaths which include the deaths of Stannis Baratheon, Myrcella Baratheon and Jon Snow. The season shows us the murders of King Joffrey and his grandfather Tywin Lannister. After their death, Tywin’s young and indecisive grandson Tommen rules the Westeros and the elder one, Tyrion, flees to Essos to meet Daenerys Targaryen. But the story wasn’t much liked the audience.


The end of something is never loved by anybody but in this case, the reasons are different.

Season 8 revolved around two primary wars – against the Army of Dead and one for the Iron Throne. Where Jon and Daenerys help Sam kill the Night King to defeat Army of Dead, the assassination of Missandei by Cersei enraged Daenerys. She with her dragon army destroys most part of the city and is then killed by Jon who was unable to stop her. Many more things happened too!


This season was a brief yet delightful one to watch amidst all the chaos. Most of the story is about the storyline of Arya who tries to interact with Tywin Lannister and wants to get a way of killing him. The Starks wage a war against the Lannisters. We also see Daenerys in Qarth forever and our beloved Jon meets Ygritte, which he takes as his hostage. Job also has to kill Ranger Qhorin Halfhand in order to get closer to the mysterious Mance Ryder.


Season 1 is what started it all and hence ended up in this number.The season shows us the intro of the Starks when Ned Stark is asked to serve as the King’s Hand after the mysterious death death of the former hand. Little Bran is push out of a window and is killed! And then starts the feud of the Starks and the Lannisters after Joffrey beheads Ned. We also catch a glimpse of Daenerys who, after the death of her husband Drogo, heads on a new path, to the Iron Throne.


Yep, the numbers match! The season 4 story has one main headline – the death of the cruel Joffrey, who was poisoned by Lady Olenna. But Tyrion is fairly accused of the murder and waits execution. But he is secretly smuggled to Essos and kills his father Tywin before fleeing. The Night’s Watch is rescued by Jon Snow – and later Stannis Baratheon – from the army of Wildings. Daenerys is seen taking control over Meereen and later killing her trusted advisor who spied on her.


Season 7 was all about the payoffs. The season shows Daenerys take over Dragonstone in Westeros. She plans to overthrow Cersei but Jon arrives to save them from the White Walkers. The Night King kills Daenerys’ dragon Viserion and reanimates it into a wight. The Stark siblings are reunited and kill Petyr Baelish who tries to turn then against each other. The Night King finally demolishes a part of the Wall and let’s his army of the Dead in.


Season 3 was one of the fan favourite episodes and we can many reasons why. The story was amazing bringing in various feuds and fights to our notice. Lord Walder Frey plans the murder of Robb as he breaks his vow of marrying the former’s daughters. Robb is killed and Roose Bolton is appointed the new warden of the North by Lord Tywin Lannister. Jon manages to climb the Wall on the South side. King Joffrey plans to marry Margaery and gets Sansa married to his son Tyrion. The season also shows us our dear Daenerys.


This is the best season of all the eight and this is where every event in the story come together. First we see Jon becoming the King of the North. We get to see Bran training with the Three-Eyed Raven, who is killed by the White Walkers. Arya is seen training with the faceless men and later leaves them to return to Westeros to take revenge on Walder Frey. And various other moments are placed correctly to make it a perfect series!

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