Review of Paris Nail Bar- Nail Salon in Tucson, Arizona

Review of Paris Nail Bar

Nail art and nail painting have been a part of the traditions of many countries and continents since ages. And they have still remained a big part of the fashion statement of the current generation and times. In fact, this usage of nail painting as a part of fashion and to express themselves is what has led to the influx of demand in the nail tech industry in the last decade. Some people use nail art as just a means of expressing themselves subtly, while others just like how they look. But regardless of the intention, the industry has flourished immensely owing to the high demand of nail art, nail enhancements and skincare.

While most of the current nail trends are possible thanks to the advent of technology, like I said, the idea itself is centuries old. Some say nail painting started from the South American Inca Empire of the 1400’s. Others say it originated during the Zhou Dynasty’s rule in 3000 BC in China. India and Egypt also used henna in order to color their nails traditionally in around 5000 BC. So there are quite some varying sources of information about the origins of the art.

But nowadays, nail art and the nail tech industry has become about more than just nail art. Technology has allowed humans to achieve brilliant and beautifying new feats when it comes to nail art. Nail painting and nail care, along with self care and pampering have become a hit amongst the global population and thus, nail salons providing such services can be found everywhere. Paris Nail Bar is such a nail salon in Tucson, Arizona which provides all these and many more nail services.

Website of Paris Nail Bar (

Paris Nail Bar is perhaps one of the best nail salons in Tucson, Arizona. They are like the holy grail of nail salons, in context of their staff and services. The nail bar has professionally trained nail technicians who tend to the customers and ensure they get the best services possible. Paris nail salon takes a lot of care to sterilize their equipment after every use. They do this so that there is no risk of cross contamination, and to stay up to their high standards of sanitation.

Their website first mentions the categories of services they provide. As you scroll downwards, you will find their contact number and the option to call or write a message to them through mail. But you can also contact them through their Contact us page here. They are open for 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, and 6 hours a day on Sunday. Their timings are 9am-7pm for the former and 11am-5pm for Sundays.

Right there near the hours mentioned, there is a Faebook video which showcases their calm and stunning nail salon.They have the best industry gadgets to ensure a smooth process for all of your services. You can also take a look at their salon from the photo gallery at the end of the page. It contains numerous photos of the salon as well as pictures of their various nail designs which have something for everyone.

You can book an appointment by either calling them directly or from the Bookings page. You can choose your services, as well as your technician if you want, and your preferred date to make a booking. Their salon also provides coupons, which if available, you can find on their coupons page.


The salon provides 5 categories of services, them being Nails enhancement, smooth body waxing, natural nail care, color change and additional services.

Nails Enhancement category has 12 services, which include but are not limited to full set acrylic, fill-in acrylic, full set acrylic gel polish, full set ombre gel, full set pink and white gel, full set coffin/almond/stiletto, dipping powder natural nails, dipping powder tip, etc. The fill-in acrylic service is the cheapest at $25 and up, while the full set pink and white gel ate the most expensive at $60 and up.

The Waxing services have 13 components, including chin, eyebrow, back, chest, bikini, brazilian, full legs, half legs, arms, etc. The cheapest is lip waxing at $7, and the costliest is full legs waxing at $55 and up.

You will get to choose from 7 services in the Natural Nail Care category. Some of the cheaper services are Manicure regular polish at $18, Manicure Gel polish and Spa Pedicure Regular polish ar $30 each, Manicure Gel French at $35 and so on. The most expensive service here is Spa Pedicure with French gel at $50.

The Color Change services start from $10 with color of polish change on hands. The other services like Polish change on Feet, French polish change on hand, French polish change on feet, etc are listed in increasing order of their costs. The most costly service in this category is the French gel Change on feet which costs $28.

They also provide some additional services as well. like nail repair, nail cut down, callus treatment, nail art design, etc which starts from $3 and increases up to $10 for services like paraffin wax, acrylic take off, etc.

Review of Paris Nail Bar

Paris Nail bar in Tucson has a Facebook page where they are rated 3.9 with 165 reviews. Yelp also gives the salon a similar rating of 3.5 stars with 134 reviews.  But they seem to have a much better reputation on Google where they have about 346 reviews and a 4.2 star rating out of 5. Most of the reviews are complementary and say a ton of good things about the salon. One customer says Paris Nail Bar is her favorite out of all salons in Tucson, and she seems to be especially fond of Amy who was her technician. Amy has a pretty good rep amongst most customers and the staff are professional as claimed by the customers.

Overall, the salon seems to have a good reputation amongst their customers. And they have quite a lot of individuals who have been regulars at their salon for years. If the reviews are anything to go by, the salon seems to be generally a great one with its occasional mess-ups, which is normal for all skill-based crafts.  

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