How to Grow your Fanbase on SoundCloud: The Ultimate Guide

How to grow your fanbase on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an internet audio streaming and tune sharing platform based in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2007. People are working hard to get more SoundCloud followers. The interactive nature of SoundCloud permits creators — from musicians to podcasters — to hook up with listeners and lovers via its diverse sharing platform.   

How to Grow your Fanbase on SoundCloud?

  1. Share tracks privately earlier than your launch 

SoundCloud helps you to boost personal links on your tracks. It’s amazing for sharing unfinished tracks with collaborators, sending demos to labels or blogs, or contacting different shops like radio stations with exclusives. Sharing a personal hyperlink offers your tune the personalized effect and an experience of exclusivity that is amazing for attaining out to followers. 

It’s exquisite and great to do. Just add a tune and set it to personal. Save it and visit your profile. You’ll see a personal URL that is particular to your tune! You may even make an entire playlist personal in case you want to get it for your whole new album. Plus, you could reset the personal link at any time to make your personal links time specific. 

   2. Publish your high-quality 

Your tune is sooner or later done. You laboured to make it lengthy and were tough on it. You’re sooner or later glad about the way it sounds and you watch it prepared for the world. So you click on the tab and take a seat down again watching for the ones playing. It’s a hit! This way you can gain Soundcloud plays. The tune receives a few exceptional buzzes and those appear to be liking it! 

But some days later you recognize that your track wishes for a minor tweak. Maybe a person you recognize commented and advised you a warm tip on the way to improve the bass. Or perhaps you mastered it and also you need the mastered model for your SoundCloud. But in case you take it down, you’ll lose all the plays, likes and vital feedback. 

  3. Leverage Existing Audiences 

This is probably puzzling to say, however, it’s true. Some folks are usually going to be higher at advertising than you. So don’t reinvent the wheel, use those strategies to your advantage. People devote their lives to locating and sharing tunes to audiences that love it, so do you. Find channels on Soundcloud that may advertise your tune to larger numbers of listeners than you ever should. 

This should come within the shape of Repost channels, other artists with large followings Promotional channels. Don’t forget about offsite audiences as well. The key right here is to discover channels that can be a terrific suit for your tune. Don’t cross message a person simply due to the fact they have got lots of followers. They are already seeking out very particular types of tunes for their tastes. 

  4. Repost Chains 

This is one of the most beneficial gear on SoundCloud and is a powerful manner to garner the pressure of more than one taste in a simple, automatic manner. Just get some music friends in a sequence and one individual submits new tracks to the chain. 

As every one of your followers, you multiply the attainment every time. You can inform the audience whilst the repost chain kicks in on my present-day tune. In essence, a repost chain is a set of folks that routinely repost a tune at a timed interval, to maximize exposure. 

  5. Think Big through Thinking Small 

Many humans look after the top blogs. Now you could get a hundred loose tune submissions a day, however, you may be nonetheless capable of maintaining up with the ones for the maximum part. Don’t neglect the little matters you post to face out! Don’t neglect the smaller blogs either. Some humans would possibly handiest get 10 tune submissions in keeping with the day. 

Failure is the pillar to success we all know and that’s why every time you think of a great thing the initial phase is always small. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you can’t but the real win is when you keep trying and make your small innovative idea turn into a big musical hit.


While SoundCloud has sincerely grown to be a powerhouse for musicians trying to unfold their tune and sell their brand, the accessibility of the site has prompted it to quickly grow to be overcrowded with artists vying for lovers and attention. However, like most of those platforms, it quickly became overcrowded with a plethora of musicians preventing them from getting equal attention. 

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